mystery date (makeshift_pyre) wrote,
mystery date

ugh i definitely had the first cavity of my life drilled annnd filled today.
i may be the worst dental patient ever seeing as i had three panic attacks during the process and i definitely had some breakfast upheaval during one.
word to the wise: floss.
(ps i brush my teeth obsessively because i loathe dentists and have always lived in fear of cavities. go figure.)

the morale is still building when it comes to my artwork.
i have a little more confidence in what i do thanks to my professor.
i wouldnt go as far to say that i'm good, but maybe i do have a little talent somewhere.
i can atleast say i dont feel like i'm that horrible.

my photography class is pretty neat aside from materials costing an arm and a leg.
my mom has a pretty sweet manual minolta (who know she was ever into photography)
and its really not that hard to learn the settings. (i had never picked up a manual camera before wednesday)

if anyone is around my area that wouldnt mind posing for a little bit, please let me photograph you.
id like my work to mainly consist of portraitures.

drop me a line if you're interested. click here to send me a message por favor.

the new oasis cd is MUCH better than the last two put out.
think whats the story oasis with a little more beatles sound.
it has less than mind blowing lyrics, but the overall its easy on the ears.

i also purchased the JET album.
yeah, i know its mainstream but the cd is amazing.
everything is catchy, although you definitely hear the oasis influence.

regardless i'm seeing them both on june 24th.
i will meet noel gallagher if its the last thing i do.

THE RULES: go to and post the first postable image fromeach group.

Place you grew up.

Place where you live now.

Your name.

mmhmm thats me bitches

Your grandfathers/grandmother's name.

skip because i was creeped out that i typed my grandma's name and a whole bunch of gravestone images came up.

Your favorite food.

Your favortite drink.

Your favorite song.

Your favorite smell.

Your favorite shoes.

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