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i hate people when they're not polite.

ah, it is time to start visiting the gym again.
my heart is all checked out and basically alright, but ive definitely put on a little weight.
i finally went to the cardiologist (i hate doctors) and have been playing with the heart monitor and taking pills to lower my blood pressure.
the only problem with this is that my blood pressure is a little low to begin with.
the medicine does really really help the racing and pounding though, my panic attacks are less frequent because i can breathe!

does anyone know how to keep blood pressure up?
i was told to drink alot of gatorade, but i'm not sure why. electrolytes?

i picked out my classes for next fall.
art history one (i took a.h. two this semester.. a little out of order)
pluralism and diversity in american culture
figure drawing two (i love the professor)
2d art and design annnd
fundamentals of drawing

i dont have classes on fridays which is pretty sweet.
i'm also taking black and white photography and english 102 (ugh required '9th' grade english class) during the summer.

yes, i still dig the michaels craft job.
professionaly framing artwork is a little more difficult than i thought though. well, tedious is more what i'm thinking.

and now i'll leave you with two smiling pictures.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
i am the gatekeeper...
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