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thursday, march 19th, 2015
8:21 pm - Oh wow.
I think I'm horrified and pretty embarrassed after reading some of my posts.

Actually my back kinda hurts from the anxiety!!

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wednesday, may 24th, 2006
11:56 am - not an update
italy was cool. the end.

i'll put up pictures slash put up a real entry soon.

in the meantime...

Your Brain is 60% Female, 40% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

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sunday, january 29th, 2006
10:24 am
ok, forget the bag. i have a more important update to write about.

i'm aware i sell sheets. its kinda pathetic that people spend thousands on sheets, but its probably more pathetic that i absolutely love my job.

apparently because i like what i do, i'm good at it and yadda yadda blah blah and to make a long story short..

i won another sales incentive contest!!
..only this time i didnt recieve another $100 mall gift certificate.


ok. i love my job. thanks, the end.

i'll be going to milan and venice in march with the two other winners.

ok thats all.

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wednesday, january 25th, 2006
11:38 pm - im a consumer whore.
ok i really like this bag a whole lot.

i'm aware its really cheesy, but is it too cheesy?

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tuesday, december 20th, 2005
10:59 pm
hm, just a thought.

i'm less obnoxious when i'm fat.

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saturday, december 3rd, 2005
10:45 pm - bang bang i shot you down
black friday at woodbury commons made me hate humanity.

however, my job is working out great. just to boast, i was the number three seller in the company (yes, meaning along with the retail stores like on madison ave and beverly hills and ish). finally, something i'm good at!
and yes, while being good at selling thousand dollar sheets isnt the most amazing accomplishment in the grand scheme of life, i'm pretty damn proud.
also, i met kelsey grammer who apparently shops the commons on less-busy days. oh and carson from queer eye. neither of them bought anything, but there are rumors that bill murray comes in once a year. i'll probably pee myself if that happens.

in other news: i got a new tattoo. the eye of horus on my inner right forearm. as soon as i get my camera to work again, i'll take a picture.

and thats really it. only taking art classes make my brain rot, so i'm taking economics, marketing, some enviromental science course and flash animation next semester. i'm taking something else too but i dont remember what it is.

shrug. the end.

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saturday, october 15th, 2005
1:17 am
hi where is the sun?

i need it.

i feel fat depressed and lazy.

i'm going to fast for the next three days so if you see me eating, slap that shit out of my hand.

thank you bye.

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monday, september 26th, 2005
11:40 am
i hate woodbury commons.


on a lighter note, corpse bride is most certainly worth seeing and you should DEFINITELY see it if you ever liked nightmare before christmas.

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monday, september 19th, 2005
1:07 am - i'm boring, hi.
wow, i dont think i've ever been this responsibly busy before.

between work and school i dont have time to do anything.
i have a business card?!

also, this girl who physically assaulted me a couple months ago (because she's hated me forever for no reason i can come up with.. ..except i'm shy and i never introduced myself maybe? ok..) works at the freaking eatery next to my store.
as in i cant buy food there anymore because i'm non confrontational.
man, i'm like 3 times her size though.. i could take her i guess.

ive done $50,000 in sales since i started working on august 22nd.
here are the questions that i've come to ponder:

why is it that the more money an individual has, the more likely they are to ask for a discount?
why is it that the richest people have the gnarliest feet? and i mean really yucky.
how much money does one need to have to completely ignore me? as in.. if i say hi when you enter the store, how much money equals not acknowledging my presence or the fact i'm talking to you?

otherwise i had a great weekend.
kevin has his car , a nice little volvo
we got dressed up and went out and had a really nice dinner
(complete with really pretty earrings. he actually got me jewelry that i love.. again!)
we were going to go to the movies, but corpse bride comes out soon and theres nothing i want to see until then.

chicken run is fantastic.
when does wallace and grommet come out?

one more thing.
i lost my lip ring as in its closed now.

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wednesday, september 7th, 2005
11:44 am - dont get mad at me.
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

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wednesday, august 31st, 2005
10:48 pm
hi again, thought i'd update.

i've been super duper busy lately (and i dont think that will stop anytime in the immediate future)
i have a new job working in the commons.
i quit michaels to sell sheets full time to extremely wealthy people.
as in.. my new job is awesome.

11.50 an hour as opposed to 8... and i definitely DEFINITELY get enough hours a week. (always 32-40)
furthermore, because the bedding is so ludicrously expensive, no one comes in.
(well, enough for me to sell a few THOUSAND dollars worth of sheets a day.. to like 3 people)
we have a doorbell so we can just sit in the back and do whatever while no one is in the store.
as in homework time.

classes start at rockin (rockland) community college tomorrow.
i switched my schedule a little:
monday=art history1
tuesday=figure drawing2 &painting1
wednesday=drawing fundamentals.. which i failed due to not going but not dropping last semester. go me.
thursday=digital art&design &modern dance1

yeah.. thats right. absolutely nothing academic and i threw in a dance class. i know itll catch up to me when i transfer, but i just want to build my portfolio so i can atleast try to go to art school.

otherwise i'm boring.
i went to florida for a week with my family &kevin.
it was alright, my father actually let us sleep in the same bed.

kevin is the best thing thats ever happened to me.
le sigh.
(and hes finally getting his car back... SCHWING)

meh, leave me a comment and let me know how youre doing

xo jess

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monday, july 4th, 2005
12:41 pm - oh man, thank you liana.

my pet!

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monday, june 20th, 2005
2:46 pm
well, disregarding my last entry as depressed and pissed
i'd like to share a few thoughts on acquired objects of mine.

i dropped a whole lot of hard worked money on a nintendo ds.
its definitely worth it.
i feel a little nerdy playing it in public, but i can play all of my favorite games on there and use a touch screen.
its a little graphically challenged compared to the more expensive psp, but why do i want to buy the same movie in a little disc, when i can pay the same and see it big. (and ds has a way to play movies too - ITS SO MUCH COOLER)

i broke down and bought grace - jeff buckley. my ripped copy was beat. i also bought bows + arrows - the walkmen. it was a rainy day investment - literally because they are good to listen to on rainy days.

aside from actually purchasing star and enquirer every once in a while (what? i like reading about how gross lindsay lohan is now and how paris hilton is a crackwhore and how marycoke and ashley wear the ugliest clothes.) i picked up an excellent magazine that is definitely worth the $1.99 they want for it. its called radar and they just re-released it into the stands. its an independent, controversial mag about "pop, politics, gossip, glamour." most importantly its hilarious. (very liberal though) i got it at barnes and noble.

on a side note, my photo class is over next week and i have roughly 4 good prints. score.

bleh, michaels time!

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10:41 am
have you ever felt like exploding?

with what i know now about the people i've considered friends
id like to go back and erase every last one of them from my memory.

if you had my friends you wouldnt need enemies either.

(ive never had this kind of a problem before. i thought it was a get skinny and suddenly everyone likes you type deal. you know, no one liked me in highschool because i was fat. then i got thin and no one likes me now because it must have been drug related. fucking itiots, you made fun of me so much that i have an eating disorder. i hate food and my life. i spent a month in the hospital from dropping weight so quickly, and you want to say its from coke? why dont you ask me before you spread rumors. stupid whore.)

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saturday, june 4th, 2005
12:58 am
ugh i definitely had the first cavity of my life drilled annnd filled today.
i may be the worst dental patient ever seeing as i had three panic attacks during the process and i definitely had some breakfast upheaval during one.
word to the wise: floss.
(ps i brush my teeth obsessively because i loathe dentists and have always lived in fear of cavities. go figure.)

the morale is still building when it comes to my artwork.
i have a little more confidence in what i do thanks to my professor.
i wouldnt go as far to say that i'm good, but maybe i do have a little talent somewhere.
i can atleast say i dont feel like i'm that horrible.

my photography class is pretty neat aside from materials costing an arm and a leg.
my mom has a pretty sweet manual minolta (who know she was ever into photography)
and its really not that hard to learn the settings. (i had never picked up a manual camera before wednesday)

if anyone is around my area that wouldnt mind posing for a little bit, please let me photograph you.
id like my work to mainly consist of portraitures.

drop me a line if you're interested. click here to send me a message por favor.

the new oasis cd is MUCH better than the last two put out.
think whats the story oasis with a little more beatles sound.
it has less than mind blowing lyrics, but the overall its easy on the ears.

i also purchased the JET album.
yeah, i know its mainstream but the cd is amazing.
everything is catchy, although you definitely hear the oasis influence.

regardless i'm seeing them both on june 24th.
i will meet noel gallagher if its the last thing i do.

a little funCollapse )

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monday, may 16th, 2005
3:00 pm - yeah sorry i thought this was fun.

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monday, may 2nd, 2005
9:38 am - i hate people when they're not polite.
ah, it is time to start visiting the gym again.
my heart is all checked out and basically alright, but ive definitely put on a little weight.
i finally went to the cardiologist (i hate doctors) and have been playing with the heart monitor and taking pills to lower my blood pressure.
the only problem with this is that my blood pressure is a little low to begin with.
the medicine does really really help the racing and pounding though, my panic attacks are less frequent because i can breathe!

does anyone know how to keep blood pressure up?
i was told to drink alot of gatorade, but i'm not sure why. electrolytes?

i picked out my classes for next fall.
art history one (i took a.h. two this semester.. a little out of order)
pluralism and diversity in american culture
figure drawing two (i love the professor)
2d art and design annnd
fundamentals of drawing

i dont have classes on fridays which is pretty sweet.
i'm also taking black and white photography and english 102 (ugh required '9th' grade english class) during the summer.

yes, i still dig the michaels craft job.
professionaly framing artwork is a little more difficult than i thought though. well, tedious is more what i'm thinking.

and now i'll leave you with two smiling pictures.
do i look like susan sarandon/sigourney weaver?Collapse )

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friday, april 8th, 2005
10:20 am
i always want to update this, but i never really have time.

sometimes i feel like if i dont leave the east coast, i'll never leave highschool, or atleast the mentality and drama.
i've been so happy the past couple months, and maybe that scares some people.
i didnt think it could scare anyone enough into trying to sabotage my happiness, however.
so cornwall i'm giving you a big 'the end' because i'm not going to let you get to me anymore.
because i dont want to be friends with someone who can talk about me behind my back in a negative way.
nor do i want to befriend someone who relies on what other people have made up about me to create their own judgement,
especially when i was good friends with them in the past.

im going to be twenty in two days, 1/4 or so of my life is done.
i'm in a good place to begin the next 1/4, i feel healthy.
and to assume that i abuse drugs is wrong, especially if you dont talk to me.
i may smoke once in a while, but i hardly can. and i dont drink.
and if you want to believe the cocaine rumor be my guest, i dont touch it.

so how about the next time you stop talking to me, you give me a good reason and you dont let other people tell me why.
people love to talk about other people, especially to bear bad news.
and how about if you consider yourself my friend, you do it in a real way.
because i see through your falseness, and if you dont like me, then dont pretend.

i didnt mean to steal kevin away from you all, hes free to hang out with whoever he wants.
im just done.

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friday, february 25th, 2005
10:22 am
hey anyone at clark,
im coming to visit today for the weekend sooo...
9142131502 to hang out

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tuesday, february 22nd, 2005
1:52 am
yep this picture turns me on.
im shameless the end.
a little risk-ayCollapse )

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