mystery date (makeshift_pyre) wrote,
mystery date

bang bang i shot you down

black friday at woodbury commons made me hate humanity.

however, my job is working out great. just to boast, i was the number three seller in the company (yes, meaning along with the retail stores like on madison ave and beverly hills and ish). finally, something i'm good at!
and yes, while being good at selling thousand dollar sheets isnt the most amazing accomplishment in the grand scheme of life, i'm pretty damn proud.
also, i met kelsey grammer who apparently shops the commons on less-busy days. oh and carson from queer eye. neither of them bought anything, but there are rumors that bill murray comes in once a year. i'll probably pee myself if that happens.

in other news: i got a new tattoo. the eye of horus on my inner right forearm. as soon as i get my camera to work again, i'll take a picture.

and thats really it. only taking art classes make my brain rot, so i'm taking economics, marketing, some enviromental science course and flash animation next semester. i'm taking something else too but i dont remember what it is.

shrug. the end.
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oooh thats really good.. and you get commission right?
please have your camera ready to take a picture of bill murray when hes not looking
hey, babe-ah-lah. sorry i didn't call while i was home, that break went too fucking fast. but i come home again december 17th until january 17th...word. a whole fucking month.

i think it's time for k-to-the-n-o, dj jossy q, mix-masta mello and...sue (does she have a nick name?!) to chill again...maybe drink a shit load of creamer at the diner or something.
peace and love,
i forgot you live near woodbury commons or maybe i never knew? i work at gap outlet ! when im home from school. there was a fight to get in our store at 1130pm thanksgiving night, but i had to work 9-6. there was a line to get in the whole day, ridiculous.

where do you work?