mystery date (makeshift_pyre) wrote,
mystery date

i'm boring, hi.

wow, i dont think i've ever been this responsibly busy before.

between work and school i dont have time to do anything.
i have a business card?!

also, this girl who physically assaulted me a couple months ago (because she's hated me forever for no reason i can come up with.. ..except i'm shy and i never introduced myself maybe? ok..) works at the freaking eatery next to my store.
as in i cant buy food there anymore because i'm non confrontational.
man, i'm like 3 times her size though.. i could take her i guess.

ive done $50,000 in sales since i started working on august 22nd.
here are the questions that i've come to ponder:

why is it that the more money an individual has, the more likely they are to ask for a discount?
why is it that the richest people have the gnarliest feet? and i mean really yucky.
how much money does one need to have to completely ignore me? as in.. if i say hi when you enter the store, how much money equals not acknowledging my presence or the fact i'm talking to you?

otherwise i had a great weekend.
kevin has his car , a nice little volvo
we got dressed up and went out and had a really nice dinner
(complete with really pretty earrings. he actually got me jewelry that i love.. again!)
we were going to go to the movies, but corpse bride comes out soon and theres nothing i want to see until then.

chicken run is fantastic.
when does wallace and grommet come out?

one more thing.
i lost my lip ring as in its closed now.
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