mystery date (makeshift_pyre) wrote,
mystery date

ugh i definitely had the first cavity of my life drilled annnd filled today.
i may be the worst dental patient ever seeing as i had three panic attacks during the process and i definitely had some breakfast upheaval during one.
word to the wise: floss.
(ps i brush my teeth obsessively because i loathe dentists and have always lived in fear of cavities. go figure.)

the morale is still building when it comes to my artwork.
i have a little more confidence in what i do thanks to my professor.
i wouldnt go as far to say that i'm good, but maybe i do have a little talent somewhere.
i can atleast say i dont feel like i'm that horrible.

my photography class is pretty neat aside from materials costing an arm and a leg.
my mom has a pretty sweet manual minolta (who know she was ever into photography)
and its really not that hard to learn the settings. (i had never picked up a manual camera before wednesday)

if anyone is around my area that wouldnt mind posing for a little bit, please let me photograph you.
id like my work to mainly consist of portraitures.

drop me a line if you're interested. click here to send me a message por favor.

the new oasis cd is MUCH better than the last two put out.
think whats the story oasis with a little more beatles sound.
it has less than mind blowing lyrics, but the overall its easy on the ears.

i also purchased the JET album.
yeah, i know its mainstream but the cd is amazing.
everything is catchy, although you definitely hear the oasis influence.

regardless i'm seeing them both on june 24th.
i will meet noel gallagher if its the last thing i do.

THE RULES: go to and post the first postable image fromeach group.

Place you grew up.

Place where you live now.

Your name.

mmhmm thats me bitches

Your grandfathers/grandmother's name.

skip because i was creeped out that i typed my grandma's name and a whole bunch of gravestone images came up.

Your favorite food.

Your favortite drink.

Your favorite song.

Your favorite smell.

Your favorite shoes.

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hey um my graduation party is june 12th and you should come. i'm leaving brooklyn/manhattan for it!
oooh where is it? lemme take off of work.
my parents house on top of the mountain!
will you be grilling a la george foreman again?
(oh man pleaaaasse say yes)

&what is the date?
july 12th. separate (non foreman hopefully) grill for veggie foods.
ohhh thats what you mean when you kept rubbing your cheeks..cavity lol
amaretto sours taste like slurpees if you ask me
god i hate the dentista...the destinta is okay though.

ok i need to know what your favorite smell is.. i dont get it.. smoke? drinks? food? tell me!

and whats that favorite food? is it an omelet or something? in so confused today.
hehe, well at the time it was fried food. (i'd like to retract that and replace it with eau de beach.)

and the food is mattar paneer.. or one of the tastiest indian dishes ever.
indian food=the shit.